Do you want to join to my group boards on Pinterest and Tailwind tribe?

First please follow me and fill out the for down below.

About Pinterest boards:

You can share your blog post or from others in every niche
955 followers and 89 members

You can share all your pins with no limit
862 followers and 43 members

This group board is dedicated to mommies and you can share everything related kids & parenting, working home opportunities for moms and everything what is about mom life.
827 followers and 18 members

This board is only for fashion, beauty and lifestyle pins
823 followers and 13 member


You can share your own recipes or from others unlimited.
812 followers and 5 members

Here goes everything related to travel. You can share unlimited pins.

Tailwind tribe

Share your best pin

You can share all your pins in every niche but only 10 pins/day and every added pin you must reshare others.


  • Only in every group board high quality and vertical pins allowed

  • Pin for pin, that’s the fair play. Share one pin from other every pin you add.

  • No nudity, spamming or any other nonsense

  • If you don’t follow the rules you will be kicked out of the group without warning

Pinterest board request:

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