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This is how I earn my passive income

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A few years ago I decided to search on the internet for something that I can make from home and make a living from it. And no it wasn’t blogging, it was something different from it. If you interested how I earn a passive income at home and make some money you can do too at home, read the whole post!

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Find out how I live from one income I make at home

The passive income story

There are so much money making options out there online, that you have so many to choose from. So did I when one day I found out you have an option to collect money.

Maybe it’s sounds strange for you now, but if you heard about Bitcoin then you know that you can make a good money from it. Even though the exhange rate fluctuate you can have your own Bitcoins.

That’s why I decided to search for more information about this crypto currency and when I digged more deeper I found out that there are sites where you can collect satoshi which later will be Bitcoins on your wallet.

A little about Bitcoin

There are so much information about Bitcoin on Youtube, Google and lots of posts has revealed already this 9 years from the release of the currency.

But I will write about it short if you don’t know about it all.

Bitcoin is an open source digital payment that was issued on January 3, 2009 by an unknown (named Satoshi Nakamoto), right after the outbreak of the 2008 US banking crisis. The name also applies to open source software that handles the payment device and the distributed network it generates.

Where to collect them

If you want to be serious about it as I am everyday, you only have to go to your laptop or even on your smartphone and do a little work it will take a couple of hours of your every day life and here you can have your own schedule too.

Sites I use:

Cryptotab – If you want to collect it from your computer you only have to download a extension (you can use both Google Chrome or Firefox) or you can download the app on your mobile.

Freebitco – You can collect every 1 hour and you get lottery tickets which is good for winning big prizes and you get reward points which you can exchange for prize (example Iphone X) or lottery tickets more points and more bitcoin. There is also a Multiply game where you can double or lose all you money so only use it if you are good at it.

Bit Fun – Here you can collect any time you want, but this amount goes straight to CoinPot where you have sign up too. Bit Fun has implanted various games to play while you waiting for your satoshis to collect.

Moonbit – There are two options you can collect your amount on Coinpot or you can sign up with your bitcoin wallet address. The claiming time is 5 minutes and there are lots of bonuses.

BtcFox – I’m new at this too but I find it very simle to use. You can collect 10 satoshi every 60 minutes and there is a generator where you can earn profits. Or you can download a CPU miner on your computer to earn even more.

If there will be more useful site I will update the blog post!

Bitcoin wallets

Now of course you have to have a Bitcoin wallet where you can sell or even buy bitcoins and when I say sell it means you can make Bitcoin real dollars.

These are the wallets I recommend:

Blockchain – There is 3 types of crypto currency you can keep here, which are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin cash. These are the top 3 by the way.

Coinbase – You get free $10 if you buy or sell digital currency which must be the amount of $100. Here you can store Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Bitpay – The only one wallet which you can use on your computer or mobile and where you can order you own Visa card to use your money. (The card is only available in the USA)

Xapo – This is like the other 3. Save to use and is also secure.

These all trusted and also used by me.

More options to gain Bitcoin

Now you have more oppotunities to have Bitcoin on your wallet faster. An these are Mining and Buying.

Mining means that you use your computer CPU to mine your Bitcoin but since everyone is doing it and the difficulty of mining Bitcoin is harder everyday I don’t really recommend this. But if you really want it then there are several programs for that, just type in Google Mining Bitcoin.

But there are companies where they make your life easier and make Bitcoins for you and this is called Cloud Mining. Prices are fair enough but you have to put in some money, so if you can effort it don’t do it.

If you do have some money to buy cloud mining then I recommend Genesis Mining and if you use this code GWzLt2 to get 3% discount of your first order. And/or you can choose Hashflare which is the alternative with someone with little money.

You can buy Bitcoin at Blockchain and Coinbase, but there are worldwide ATM’s where you can do it too. And of course sell them. Another good site where you can exchange your Bitcoin or money is CEX.IO.

The other great thing is that there are other crypto currencies you can collect and exchange it for Bitcoin and I do this at ShapeShift you doen’t need to sign up just choose your desposited currency and Bitcoin. And the best part is that you can exchange it on Coinpot too but without transaction fees. And you can mine there too.

Where I collect Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin cash:

MoonCash – This is the same site as MoonBit but here you can collect Bitcoin cash

Moonliteco – Same site but with Litecoin


And there are so much more and will be coming new ones each day.

On your mobile

You ask what if you don’t want to use your computer/laptop and want to collect in you bed or anywhere wher you go. Now there is always an app for it or course for each bitcoin and other crypto currencies. I can only share apps with Android users cause I don’t have Iphone and I don’t have information about the apps if they are all available on IOS so please if have Iphone search for it on Apple Store.

Free Ethereum Spinner – Funny game where you can choose wether you want to spin 3,000 or 5,000 of course with 5,000 you get higher amount.

Free Litecoin Spinner – Same but with Litecoin

BHC Diamonds – Use the code ID23902 when you downloaded and register and you will get 10.000 diamonds.

LTC Diamonds – Same with this type in the name in the Google Play search bar and download it and when you sign up write this code ID6930.

Bitcoin Miner App – There are miner apps where you can mine Bitcoin and others here is my code which you can use and earn bonus. 8N2NST and if you want you can upgrade your plan.

Now you know what to do besides blogging and I hope you will be succesful with it as I’m. So don’t be afraid to start, cause if you don’t do anything today you will be missing something you wish you had tried. And there are so many online shops and offline who accepting bitcoin, or you can have it as your regular currency.

By the way if you have a shop you can add a new payment method which would be great for Bitcoin users. Bitpay has that opportunity too and they will exchange Bitcion to the currency you use.

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