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My journey since the birth of my baby boy

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It was quite awhile since I was writing a blog post, but I thought I have to have a little rest while I’m waiting for my baby boy. My lastest post was in April when I shared my favorite beauty products as always.

I had to have a little rest before I newly begin blogging again


Why I left

I was really sick and tired of trying to make my blog stand out and make some money of it. Learning, making my blog posts and raising kids was a bit frustrating (and my blog host was a little bit weird). But I said once I’m not the type who gives up so quick, so I decided to come back to you. And here I am again fresh and now a mom of 3 kids.


About my baby boy and the girls

Since I left blogging my baby boy has arrived on 8th of June and he is so calm, he only gets upset when he is hungry or need a daiper change. I’m so lucky with him, cause with the girls was harder and never experienced this before.

He is now almost 2 months old and it’s time to work hard again on my blog and bussiness to make money for them and have a happy life together. When the two little sleeps I get the work done 🙂

I never thought that the girls will love their little brother so much and I’m really thankful for that. Yes, of course I knew they were trhilled to see him, but I never seen so much love and care what they give to him.

What else I’m working on

I have worked on my make-up line so you can get your first package which you can order soon as possible. If you want to know when it is available please subscribe to the newsletter and/or follow all my social accounts! There will be a giveaways too.

Planning to have more designed products and soon starting my store with other products which I hope you will like and buy.

These was my little post to let you know what happened and what will be happening in the future so please stay with me and lets be friends!


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