• Make money

    This is how I earn my passive income

    A few years ago I decided to search on the internet for something that I can make from home and make a living from it. And no it wasn’t blogging, it was something different from it. If you interested how I earn a passive income at home and make some money you can do too at home, read the whole post! The passive income story There are so much money making options out there online, that you have so many to choose from. So did I when one day I found out you have an option to collect money. Maybe it’s sounds strange for you now, but if you heard…

  • Blogging,  Enything else

    My journey since the birth of my baby boy

    It was quite awhile since I was writing a blog post, but I thought I have to have a little rest while I’m waiting for my baby boy. My lastest post was in April when I shared my favorite beauty products as always.   Why I left I was really sick and tired of trying to make my blog stand out and make some money of it. Learning, making my blog posts and raising kids was a bit frustrating (and my blog host was a little bit weird). But I said once I’m not the type who gives up so quick, so I decided to come back to you. And…

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