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My reflection on April and goals for May

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It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post, so sorry for that. But lately my webhost gets weird and goes up and down when I have more traffic. So my advice is if you can afford it, deffinitely try out Siteground as your webhost services cause they are more reliable then mine. But this is a goal for me too, to able to go and purchase a hosting there myself.

In this post is what was in April and my goals for May

In April

I have wrote a lot of things in my goal blog post in April but archived not much. The only goal I reached was for Pinterest, finally I’m over 2k followers. But on Instagram went my followers down drastic. Twitter has been the same as before so there is not much to say about it.

On my Facebook page went up a little bit, but still not reached 500 followers. And none of you wanted to be part of my group so I have to work on it.

I gained 2 more followers on Bloglovin, so that is better then nothing. And finally my email list is growing, although I was not active since 29th of April.

You can subscribe too:

There are lot of contributors who want to be a part of my group boards on Pinterest so that is another great thing.

There wasn’t any guest post submitted, or no one wanted to collab with me yet.


Now my goals in May


There is still time to submit your story for my Mother’s day post, where I want to write a whole post with your stories about how you spend your Mother’s day. But please hurry up cause I want to write the post on Friday.

Your Mother's Day Story
Share your story with me and I will make a blog post with all your great stories, don't forget to include the reasons why you love your mother or what you can thank to her.

I hope to have more blog posts then in April because I always write 12 posts in every month so I want to stick to that.

I want to have more bloggers to collab with me! So go to this page if you want to.

I still not have a team yet for making the magazine. If you want to be a part of a group with people who loves to write you can apply here.

Bloglovin followers going up but still not enough so I want 20 more.

And I’m hard working on building my email list and it gets result, I don’t say I have over 100 followers but it would be so good if it was. So subscribe to get more info.


Social Media

Facebook page

Girl With Glasses page – Currently I’m at 482 followers, but now I’m setting my goal higher so it will be so fine if it will be 600 by the end of this month. But the only thing I hate on my page is that they delete my posts continuously. But that didn’t drop down my following and hopefully won’t happen ever.

Facebook group

Blog goes viral – Still not enough people to start something in my group so please join!


My twitter account – I always wanted to have twitter as my second most important social network where I have more followers then on the others. But I’m still at 531 or some day 533. I want to get over that and get to 1k followers.


My instagram – Nothing to say so no comment about this if you want to follow my life than you follow.


My Pinterest – If you know me for a while, than you know that I’m freaking love Pinterest that’s why my results are getting better day by day. My monthly views are over 300k and now I’m at 2056 followers, so that’s why I want to reach 3k.


Did you hear about the new social media Holonis? I made a blog post about it if you want to know more about it read here and you can follow me too.



There is not much time now till my due date, but I’m working hard to make a living and still being a working mom who can stay at home with her kids. It will be different with 3 children, but I think that I’m that strong to make it possible to keep working on my business and blog and be with my family at the same time.

How was your April and what are your goals for May?

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