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35 things you probably didn’t know about me

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These are the things you should know about me but you where afraid to ask 🙂

35 things about me

35 things about me

1. I’m a chocolate lover, only in icecream I don’t accept chocolate flavor.
2. Obsessed with coconut, everything what contains coconut I like it.

3. I will have my 3rd c-section, will tell more in another post.
4. My closet is full with make-up, but I don’t use them everyday.
5. I’m always on Pinterest, is my favorite app on my phone. Check out my profile and if you love it you can follow me and you can join to my group boards too here.

6. Never used Iphone, but really want to try one out.
7. Budapest is not my home town, but a little town in East Hungary named Földes.

8. Lived 8 years in the Netherlands and I was only 9 years old when I got there and place was Amsterdam.

9. My dream is to travel around the world.
10. I can speak in 4 language (Hungarian, English, Dutch and a little Spanish)
11. Started blogging in 2017.
12. I love Chicago and is my dream to live there.

13. I like Reggeaton music.
14. I’m a dog lover.
15. My kids are always the first for me.
16. My favorite season is summer.
17. My mom means the world to me.
18. I don’t have a car, but want one. (The public transport is the best in Budapest)
19. One of my hobbies are crocheting.

20. Cooking and Baking is the other.
21. Love to DIY.
22. Love to design things. (You can watch my store here)
23. When I read a interesting book I don’t put it away till I didn’t read out the whole book.
24. Love Italian and Mexican food.
25. I was 24 years old when my first child born.
26. Now I’m 28 and I will have a baby boy after 2 girls.
27. My favorite holiday is Christmas.

28. I’m a Samsung Galaxy fan and I want Galaxy 9 (I have now 8)
29. Love to take pictures of my family, nature and everything interesting.
30. Watch Disney Channel everyday with my kids.
31. I love to use Canva my number 1 graphic designer.

32. When I think about something new I want to go for it till I make it.
33. Every morning first thing I read is my horoscope.
34. I’m a morning person.
35. Always get up 7 am CET except weekends.

Now these were everything about me at this time, but if you have something you want to know more about me feel free to ask in the comment section. And than I will make a Q&A post too.

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