10 easter cookies and desserts roundup

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This is a roundup post about Easter cookies and other sweets selected from Pinterest. These are my favorite ones, I love the bright colors on every cookies.


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These are the most delicious collection I found on Pinterest, I not made them all yet, but I think that this will be a good start.

1. Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

This Cadberry Chocolate Thumprints is from Six Sister Stuff. You can make them in only 25 minutes and you will have the taste of delicious cookies.


2. Coconut Macaroon Nests

Micheal from Inspired by Charm has made my number 1 recipe with this nests. As you may know I’m obssesed with coconut, I love it in food, beauty products or just drink it. So I will deffinitely make this one for this years Easter.

3. Easter Egg Sugar Cookies

Sam made a terrific work with this sugar cookies. I love to be creative as well and you not only can dye real eggs (as we always do here in Hungary too, to give it to man as a gift, I will write about it in another post) , but you can make this sugar cookies with your favorite colors and decorate them as you like.

4. Easter Cookie Cups

They look almost like muffins, but you can stuff it with cream and mini eggs or colorful Easter edition M&M-s. And you only need 4 ingredients.

5. Easter Egg Sugar Cookie Bites

Another sugar cookie but these are bigger bites with your favorite bright colors and sprinkles. The two sisters lead you with instructions to make this beauties.

6. Bunny Bum Cookies

This lovely bunny bums are made by Tara the blog owner of Noshing with the Nolands. It’s nice to make for or with kids, they will deffinitely love them.

7. Easter No-bake Mini Cheesecakes

This beautiful mini cakes are made by Elizabeth from SuperHero!. I really love her recipes and  had the chance to watch her videos on Craftsy and I enjoyed a lot all the tips she shares. By the way she has a free ebook with easter recipes.

8. Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

Jessica made a video and a step by step photo instruction to make this peanut butter eggs. And only takes 20 minutes to make them.

9. Easter Bunny Popcorn Bars

I never knew how many things you can do with popcorn, till I started to use Pinterest and found this recipe. It’s look so delicious I want to make them and eat them all by my self 😀 And it only takes 10 minutes to make and you have a wonderful easter bars.

10. Easter Sugar Cookie Cake

Saved the best for the last, asugar cookie cake made by Dorothy the blog owner of Crazy for Crust. It takes 1 hour from your time but is really worth it.

Now this was my roundup of delicious recipes. If you want more recipes and other things I pin follow me on Pinterest and here is my Easter board.

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Note: The photos are taken by there owner and belongs to them, you can see the recipes if you click on the recipe title.

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What are your thoughts about this recipes? Which one have you already made or will make? I would appriciate some photos from you if you want to show to us!

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