Cleaning brush routine with top 5 cleansers for brushes

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This is an important routine if you use your make up brushes in everyday life. The basis for conscious make-up is to keep our tools clean and hygienic – not only can it be better to work with regularly cleaned tools, but we can spare you such nasty things as acne and other skin infections.

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Clean your make up brushes regulary here are my tips and products

Here are my personal favorites


As usual, I do not really liked brushing my brushes to be complicated, but for a long time I used only my hand and a smooth soap to clean brushes, and now it really refined to the current routine elements.

I like to clean small-headed stiffer brushes still with soap-based brush cleaners, now I use Nyx Professional Makeup Makeup Brush Cleaner, by the slightly wet brush with circular movements in the crucible, leaving a bit to stand and then washing them under the water with Sephora Collection Solid Clean: Solid Brush Cleaner.

The bigger head brushes or the softer, natural hair brushes I still like to clean in my palms with Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Recovery Shampoo it will be weird at the first bur trust me, you will be thankful for this recommendation – it needs little to be cleaned and super-clean without drying or scrapping the fine hair of the brushes.

Top 5 cleansers you can use + brushes



The most popular tool can be pulled on a finger which is the Ebay Brush Egg, not only has a low price, but its size is unbeatable, very handy for small brushes, sponges, and is a material that is quite durable.

The categorie of brush washing gel and liquid the best is from MAC Brush Cleanser although it is not really suitable for deep cleaning but it is good for quick brush cleaning, just because it speeds up drying of brushes.

There is another best brush cleaner shampoo is from MakeUp Revolution Pro Hygiene Anti Bacterial Brush Shampoo which allows you to carefully maintain brushes for powdered products and has a pleasant smell.

In the categorie of soaps there are 2 best you can use the first one is from Barbara Hofmann Brush Cleaner Soap. It has a fine citrus scent and it is very easy to wash it the brushes, though it tends to dry it, so sometimes a little hair conditioner does not hurt the cleansed brushes. The anpther one is from Da Vinci Cleaner Soap for cosmetics brushes it’s mostly the same as the soap of Barbara Hofmann’s.

Recommended brushes

How do you clean your brushes?


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