Top 5 women’s and top 5 men’s fragrances

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If someone smells good, we are happy to be in the vicinity, we are positive, they become sympathetic in our eyes. Fragrances should not be underestimated: they can stir up feelings, subconscious desires, but they can be completely disoriented and removed from someone.

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The top 5 fragrance for women and men I recommend

A perfume that suits your personality can improve judgment so that we can become more successful in all areas. Now, I have collected the best women’s and best man’s perfumes for you.

Fragrance for women

Let’s start with you ladies. 1 to 5 with some explains.

1. Mon Guerlian

You will never be dissapionted in Guerlain products: they give you the sophisticated French bytes that make you stand out from everyday life. Mon Guerlain is a fantastic fancy fragrance (maybe it’s no coincidence that Angelina Jolie has been chosen for the face). East, fresh and sensual, that fits a modern, passionate woman. If you are looking for a new favorite, choose this one.

2. Chanel Chance

Since Jacques Polge created this “lucky” scent in 2003, there is an unrivaled success in women, and men can’t even resist it. Chance is like a tornado – a door to a strange adventure like lips that want to kiss. The wave of extreme freshness meets the floral heart and melts into a slightly spicy, piquant finishing. If you were to take a really fresh and desirable essence from the perfumery shelf, give Chance a chance.

3. Calvin Klein Eternity

A unique blend of lily of the valley, rose, lily and jasmine in every woman arouses the feeling of specialness. The exotic sandalwood, musk and amber it melts beneath it scent. Patchouli and mandarin essences complement the magic cocktail with freshness. It fits those elegant women who are not afraid to show their romantic side, who are gentle and sophisticated in everyday life. It’s a real breakthrough that you should keep in your home drug store.

4. Hugo Boss Scent

If the previous scent is about romantic, now I offer one of the best passion scents to you. This perfume is a true passionate, sex-enhancing fragrance. I may not even need to explain when it is worth taking this aroma. The fragrance composition of Boss The Scent was inspired by the first spark of seduction itself, through the feeling of fatal attraction and the process of total addiction. The head units are pleasantly appealing. The sweet peach stuffed with the tempting features of Frézia lies in it. The heart fragrance is dominated by the passionate fragrance. In the final surroundings are conquered by the delicious cocoa figures.

5. Armani Sí

For those women who love natural beauty, they like freedom and they love it when they are surrounded by a strong, independent feeling. Its charisma and elegance attract its surroundings as a magnet. The scent of Si smells tenderness, emotion, sensuality and carelessness. The sensual notes of the black currant leaves that are lurking in the blossom of the heart, and the tones of tempting roses and blossoming frets are enveloped in their veils. The vanilla base of Si is made up of unique ambroxes, warm woody notes and exotic patchouli. This exceptionally noble fragrance is a perfect choice for day-to-day wear.

Fragrance for men

And now the top 5 fragrance for men.

1. Giorgio Armani Aqua di gio

We can enjoy this scent as long as we want on the body of our hubby or boyfriend, as it is light, yet mysterious and gives a free feeling. If you are looking for gifts on the shelves of perfumery, this fragrance is the ideal choice. Ideal for those who have enough courage to get out of the crowd and catch attention. Moroccan cedar wood combines warm and masculine notes with the sparkling essence of patchouli and mandarin, which is closed by an exotic finale with a date.

2. Hugo Boss Bottled

Hugo Boss Bottled is the manly perfume of the new millennium. Bright, strong and modern fragrance, a unique blend of plum, apple and citrus fruits, complemented by the special aromas of vanilla, precious trees and mosses, as well as the essences of olive trees, bergamot and noble muskets. It emphasizes the clever, decisive individuality and elegance of everyday life. It was rightly given the second place among the best men perfumes.

3. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L’Homme 

This perfume is weared by a man if he wants to feel insensitive and sexy. Its unmistakable scent is due to the extracts of cardamom, bergamot, cedar and lavender, which express masculinity and strength. This rolling effect is later closed with coumarin and vetiver filled with sensuality.

4. Davidoff Cool Water

This refreshing, masculine fragrance has been on the market since 1988, and in ’92 it was the perfume of the year. A sophisticated, subtle fragrance that has a sedative effect, the earthy essences of the sandalwood in it add a masculine sex appeal. Ideal for a confident man who wants an unforgettable look. The smell of oak moss, sandalwood and orange blossoms is colored with musk and amber with green chords.

5. Escentric Molecules Molecule 01

This is the fragrance that can greatly enhance the attractiveness of the wearer – a real aesthetic aroma! If you have not tried it yet it’s unisex, you might want to try this niche perfume with the Iso E Super® molecule that is unreliable and revolutionary. It leaves a pleasant, velvety, woody scent. The scent gives an attractive glow to the wearer and the unusually strong effect on the environment.

So this were my recommendations, hope you liked it and enjoyed reading it.

Are there a favorite one in this list for you? Or which one would you choose?


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