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My goals in March 2018

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Another month is over and I writing my new blog post again with the goals I want to archieve. Yesterday was the birthday of the best mommy in the world, and today is my oldest brother turned 42. So that’s a good start to be happy and make some better work myself.

Another month with another goals

See the Pin photo and what you can read on the notebook? A goal without a plan is just a wish, what do you think about it?

March has comen 2 days ago and I feel like that this bad weather will be gone for a while. March means to me, celebration, spring is coming and lots of beautiful bright colors. But now enough about the month lets get to the most important things to me.

But before that you can read my 2 other goals and reflections from past months:


January goals
February goals


Look back to January
Look back to February


I don’t have to do so much on the blog it self, I mean the design is now how it should be. But only working more on my Freebie page (by the way you can have access to it if you want when you subscribe).

Have to have more things on my Resources page and of course writing more worthful and helpful content for you.
I wish I have 50 subscribes on my list by the end of this month, so if you are not on my list and don’t want to miss anything about my blog and everything else I like to share with you, than subscribe to my newsletter of my blog.

But if you want to miss out other great things, and want only know about my new blog posts, than help me get new followers on my Bloglovin just click here or the button in my sidebar. I hope to get 30 more followers on there.

Social Media

Facebook group

Do you want more traffic on your blog and followers on your social media accounts? Than join and be a member of Your Blog Goes Viral cause there are still 1 member who is waiting to share her blog and social media accounts on everyday threads. If I can start with 200 member in this month would be perfect, but even more could be much better.

Facebook page

Everything is about promoting, when you promote followers are coming and when they don’t have interests in you anymore they will go. So now I’m at 411 and by and of this month would be so fine to hit the 500, even the algorithm there is has changed now I still believe that pages isn’t over yet. If you don’t mind and didn’t like my page yet, head over to The Girl With Glasses page and hit that like button and don’t forget to follow too.


I think at this point I don’t get much higher with it, but a few days I thought there is more potential in Twitter then I thought it could be. And still the followers are coming and going, I think when you don’t follow back followers going to leave you, it’s the same thing as by Instagram. I can’t hang out everyday on my phone to check who is following me or not, so forgive me if I don’t follow you back immidiatly. I’m currently at 516 followers and want to have 200 more. So please help me with it and follow me on Twitter as well if you haven’t already.


Now I’m hanging on my  Instagram account a lot again, making pictures maybe only I think is worthful. Yesterday was better then every other days finally I’ve got more followers then ever before in one day. I’m at 2208 and if I don’t reach 3k it’s ok for now but would love to getting to 2.5k. At Instagram is the same story if you don’t follow the person who follows you it’s a big problem, cause they will unfollow you. And I don’t like that game follow unfollow.


I know that Pinterest have some glitches lately with the analytics, but I’m glad that I still get more views day by day and hope to have even more someday there where only at 0 now I’m at 205k and currently 7.1k monthly engagement (I don’t really know that this data is correct but still happy with it). Now about the followers I have 1426, but of course I want even more and I so want to hit 2k so bad. If you love Pinterest and want to follow me click here I have 31K pins and would of course be even more, so there is lot of content to pin from me. I use it daily basis so there will be always new pins.


Yes, there is a new social media network out there. You can read my blog post about it here a little information if didn’t already heard about Vero before. I have 14 followers at this time and hope there will be more. If you haven’t registered please do, cause they will hit 1 million users soon and if you miss out you don’t will get it free.

Follow me:

Join me on Vero


I have not officially launched my shop, but I had made some products to buy. I will inform everyone about it, if you of course subsctibe to my list.

I will make some post every week to let you know what’s new on my shop, curretly I make t-shirts for women, mugs, totes and there will be baby and kids clothes as well. But planning to have some more products and have a second shop as well but that is a near future.

If you didn’t know I have opportunity for Guest Post, if you want to you can submit your post here. There is every information you need to know.

Would like to have more contributors on my Pinterest Group boards, here you can sumbit to join. And want to have more members on my Tailwind Tribe. I always make new Pintrest Group so you have check it out often.

This was it for now, hope that this month gets me further to be more successful.

What are your goals for this month?


  • Brit

    Nice goals! My goals for this month include 5 new posts, 800 followers on IG, engagement for my Facebook page, 10 new subscribers, and to make my first Amazon affiliate sale! Big goals for me, but I’m working hard to CRUSH them. Wish you the best for March!

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