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Vero the new generation in the social network

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Did you already heard about the new social network, which everyone talks and writes about? If not yet then here is my blog post to know much more about it.

I'm introducing you to Vero the new social media

Now I’m really new member of Vero as well, cause I found out about it a few days ago. I decided to have a account there too, because lots of people where talking about it in Facebook groups I’m member of. And as a curious human I don’t wanted to miss this out.

So what makes Vero so different then other platforms

At the first look nothing special, but when you dig in to it, you will see that has things that makes Vero your thing.

According to Vero these are the why you have to choose them:

Smarter Social

It means you can share everything with everyone, but you choose with whom you want to share with.

Smarter Share

I think that this sharing options are more like in Tumblr but maybe made to discover more.

Sharing options:

Photos & Videos: You can edit the filter of your photos and create mini photo albums within a single post




Links: This is really useful for blogger to share their new blog posts or older





Music: Samples from your friends posts or whole track through Apple Music





Movie: You can share which movie you like or not and watch trailer from your friends posts





Books: Now this option made for me, cause I love to read and like to discover new books





Places: Everywhere you go just share a photo with the location

We are what we love

You have the opportunity to recommend something to other or if you don’t like it just share that with people as don’t recommended.

You have Facebook and Twitter share options to let your followers know what going on, on your Vero account.

Smarter connection

You can choose for 4 connections, cause everthing is not for everyone, right?

Your audience would be like:

  • Close friend: You may really know and want to share everything with them
  • Friend: Just a friend who has rights but not for everything
  • Acquaintance: This could be your colleague, or just someone you trust more than simple followers
  • Followers: This are your fans

You can follow your favorite artist, brands or public figures as well.








You can filter what kind of post do you want to see.








Smart searching

Every post you make or your friends made goes straight in your Collection, it’s your own personal library or recommendations and passions.

Smarter Creating

On Vero you can find lot of incredible artist, brands who creates unique and original content for us.

Smarter Engaging

Now this is what is useful for everyone, you can buy stuff with one click, play music, watch trailers and go even deeper.

Smarter Feed

Plus point for Vero for not using any advertising and that means no algorithms and no data mining.


Use hashtags to seen your posts by many more people and this another good way to reach potential followers.

Now is was my little introducing to Vero to use it yourself if you want, if you are a blogger you can grow your blog with Vero if you share your blog posts to your followers.

But hurry up cause it wont be free forever if you are not in the first million users.

It is available for both Iphone and Android phones here you can dowload:

Follow me:

Note: Because it’s new (still in Beta version) and everyone wants to use the app right now, it turned all glitchy but don’t let this turn you keeping away from Vero just sign up and enjoy!

What do you think about it if you already use it? Or if not what do you expect?


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