The ultimate list how to start you blog quickly

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Yes, you right another blog post where somebody tells you how to start your blog, but with a twist. It might be boring when you see Pinterest with lots of blog post about how to start your blog. But than why I decided to write about it myself too, you might ask yourself. The simple answer is, I like to help people and no I’m not a professional myself either as lot of blogging gurus, but I know how to build a blog. So if you still interested in this “How to start a blog thing” than read along and enjoy.

When I started blogging for the first time (I’m talking about another blog not this one) I didn’t know anything about blogging and that’s why I failed, after than when I decided to do it again with this blog I started to reseach almost everything about blogging. How to start, how to montize and ect. But of course I still have to learn many more myself too.

So that’s the another reason why I want to help you and it is not bad to read all about it. Practice and learning keeps you always perfect, right?

1. What’s your niche would be like

Now everyone who teaches blogging saying that you have to have a niche, what you passionate about and what you want to write about. But I have several niches myself, cause I love to write about lot of things, such like beauty, fashion, momlife. My main niche is lifestyle but with several categories. This will be one of the most difficult choice you have to make.

Niche is another great thing so you can focus on one thing with targeting you audience and growing your blog much better. But hey, if you want to make a lifestyle blog with a several categories, cause you have lot of interest than go ahead no one will judge you. (I made it myself too.)

And if you want to monetize your blog someday or the very first day when you start, there are lot of opportunities like affiliate marketing, sponsored posts or selling something you made.

2. Choose your platform

Here goes the fun part number 1, when you decide where to have your blog. If you don’t want to invest in your blog at the first you can go and have a free WordPress blog or you can have a Blogger blog. This is your decision, but I recommend to have a self-hosted WordPress blog to make it yours.

The reasons are simple why you have to have a WordPress blog:

  1. You have more options to customize with plugins and themes.
  2. There are lot of help around the web and if you want I can help you too.
  3. Monetizing your blog will be much easier

3. Think about a domain name

Fun part number 2 when you have to choose your domain. You can be creative here, it can be your name if you will be a lifestyle blogger or something else, but think about it well cause this will be forever if you don’t want to rebrand your blog.

Behide the story of chosing this name for my blog is because I’m wearing glasses, so you can see this is about me. Then why I didn’t have my real name on it, it’s because my name doesn’t fit much what I can brand.

4. Siteground as your hosting

Siteground turned to be the one of the best hosting company there is online. It’s much secure and reliable with a great value.

You will notice that, when you have your blog there your blog traffic will start growing a lot. And if you want a fast blog you have to choose Siteground.

5. And now the twist

Like I wrote there will be something different in this post. Instead writing my own full post about everything related to how to start a blog I will give you the ultimate list of bloggers who had already wrote about it and of course knowing much more then I.

List of bloggers:

1. It’s mostly trageting mom bloggers but what Elna wrote is useful for other type of bloggers too. (








2. Carly made a post with step by step guide where she explains everything you might know. (








3. Lynne focusing on how to start a fashion, lifestyle, food and travel blog (








4. If you really like to make food and want to show your recipes with others, than Cynthia will explain it clearly how to start it. (








5. Kayla has a 5 day email course too and in the she explains even how she makes money with her blog. (








6. Kimi wants you to learn free before you pay for courses. (








7. Meghan focusing too on everything to explain how to start a profitable blog at the first day. (








8. I picked Bonnie’s blog post because she wrote about How to be a blogging hero when you are a newbie, so this is not a typical how to start. But it’s still important while you are a newbie yourself. (







9. Really helpful guide why you have to start you blog in 2018, Claire made this post for you. (








10. Suzie has a ultimate how to start your blog with essentials to start with, worth to check it out. And she has a free course too! (








11. Heather has made a free 5 day email course to know how to start making money with your blog (








12. Not only ladies have a lifestyle blog who has lot of interest, but I found a male blogger named Jordan who has a nice tips related to blogging as well. (








13. Nicole makes it clear too how to make a gorgeous and professional blog to stand out. (








14. Now this is about when you can’t decide which niche you want to choose and want to blog about two things at the same time (








15. Chelsea amde even a video tutorial for you to know everything you have to know (








Now this is my top 15 favorite guides to read when you just starting out and wants a good start. Hope you find it all helpful!

If you starting your blog, what would be your niche? About what are you passionated? Or do you have several interests?

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