This cream are useful for your skin type

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Hydrated skin not only helps to make you feel better, healthier, more beautiful, and maintains its smoothness for a long time. Regular hydration is therefore particularly important, however, no matter how you do it. Choose the active ingredients that match your skin type to really be happy with the results – I help you navigate through the jungle of moisturizing creams and serum!

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Trying to find out which products is best for your skin type? In this blog post you get the answer

For dry skin

If you have a dry skin then you should look for a skin aging inhibitor serum that also has a moisturizing effect.

Hyaluronic Acid, Silk Protein and Ceramides are key ingredients that you should look for in hydrating and anti-wrinkle creams, because these ingredients make good use of dry skin.

Vitamin E can also be very effective in softened dry skin and smoothing delicate lines, while fruit acids gently nourish – this is also required for all skin types, but in dry skin, you should be careful not to use too aggressive substances.

Mature skin

Hydroxy acid is the ingredient you need to look for on serums and moisturizing creams when wrinkles and pigments cause problems on your mature skin.

Aminofill and Gluconolactone are another star constituent of anti-wrinkle serums that help to fill and smooth wrinkles and restore the glow of mature skin, but well-proven hyaluronic acid can help to reach the lines as well.

Skin with acne

It is a common misconception that oily, acne skin should be dried, but this is not the case: hydration requires all skin types.

If you have problems with clogged pores, choose an easier, quick-absorbing cream.

Water-based creams and hyaluronic acid may be appropriate and should be used to rinse skin with salicylic acid, fruit acid and vitamin C supplements that can help reduce skin redness.

Combinated skin

If your skin has drier and greasy areas, then proper hydration may be was a problem.

Oil-based serum that contain pomegranate or citrus oil help to hydrate dry areas without making harder for the skin where moisture is enough.

Gentle exfoliation with glycosides may help to restore the balance of your skin.

Oily skin

Light hydrating creams containing hyaluronic acid, ceramides and marine protein help to hydrate your skin softly while contracting the pores, which may be important because they can affect the skin of oily skin.

Vitamin C can also help you reverse skin aging processes without complicating your skin.

Normal skin

Your skin is not dry, not too greasy, everywhere is even and your tone is united, you have great luck with it. In this case, your goal is to keep this status as long as possible and to stop or slow the aging process.

In addition to marine collagen, hyaluronic acid is a good choice, both giving a unified, smooth texture to your skin.

Vitamin C can help relieve wrinkling and skin color, prevent spots and pigmentation, so you can look for these ingredients on moisturizing creams.

What is your skin type?

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