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February goals 2018

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It’s a new month with new opportunities and setting my goals for the second time feels great. I have alot in mind. but I know that I can’t archieve them all.

I just go step by step again as I did in my January goals as well. I know that I didn’t have much time now, cause we all know it’s a short month, but I hope to be successful again. Now let see what I’m up to this month.


  1. I have to improve my blog more and that means make it more beautiful and maybe more features.
  2. I want to have a freebie section, but I don’t know if it will be finished until the end of this month.
  3. Stick to my 3 day/week blog post
  4. Have more subscribes I only have 7 right now and of course I want to have lot more. It is at the foot bar right now but I want to have it more visible and more eye catching. Or if you want to can get my lastest post via Bloglovin.

Social Media

  1. I have to improve them as well, customize everything on it.
  2. I still don’t have members in my Facebook group Your blog goes viral, so end of February 300 member would be fine. It’s for bloggers who want to reach others to grow there blog traffic and social media followers.
  3. Now I’m at 366 at my Facebook page and I would like to have 200 more – The Girl With Glasses
  4. Twitter goes really well I’m at 502 followers now, I will appreciate if I could have 500 more so I will be at 1k. – My Twitter account
  5. Like I have wrote in my lastest post about my look back on January, I wasn’t successful with building my Instagram and have more followers. But maybe this time I could have more followers and don’t lose them. Yes I know that I have to make better pictures to stand out as others. So I’m currently at 2179 and want to reach 3k. – Instagram profile
  6. On Pinterest I’m currently at 1225 and would like to reach 2k. – Pinterest profile


From now on I really have to focus on montize my blog and make a income. I don’t want to be a hobby blogger anymore, I have to be honest I love what I do, this is my full job and therefore is understandable that I want income from it as many others. Maybe I’m a bit boring that I come up with that I have to learn more, but that’s the key to be successful at what you do, if you do not understand things how could you do the things you want.

I had a hobby blog before this new blog and I don’t want to make that mistakes again. Maybe self branding would be a good start!? I don’t really know. So from now on I never give up and will focus, so I can reach the life I always wanted to have for myself and family.

I do not want to go in details and don’t want this blog post be emotional, this is about my goals.

Now it’s your turn to let me and others know, what are your goals for February? Do you write about it on your blog or keep it private for yourself?


  • Alice Letters to my Daughter

    Good luck with your goals! I’ve got some vague goals and a couple that I’ve written down but not monthly – I’ve gone for 6 month goals so we’ll see how that goes!!

  • Jacinta Grand

    Kudos to you for outlining some very clear social media goals! I run a social media marketing firm and just did a podcast interview all about how to achieve your social media goals. I really think that you would find it helpful. You can check it out at soultiply.com/7. Happy to stay in touch and help you along your monetization journey!

  • julianasergiocbc

    You’re so disciplined, girl, what an inspiration! Those are amazing goals and I’m going to follow you on Facebook, add one more to your goal! Keep up the amazing work 😀

  • Liz

    Great idea to make a goal list like this and it will be easy to look back on and see growth that way. You can totally monetize your blog and grow that list! I’m in a similar boat and want to work on that as well. Take care!

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