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A look back to the month of January 2018

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I always thought that the first month of each year is so long, but this year I have nothing to complain about it. Cause I had plenty of time to achive my January goals. And as I promised I will write here which was successful and which I failed at.

This is a look back to my month of January 2018 of the goals I set

I was so exited to write about a new topic on my blog, which is about my goals. And that is what’s keeps me going and push myself to make it right. Now let’s see what I made good and what bad.

About Blogging

I wanted to write on my blog 2 or 3 times per week and I have stick to that, so if you follow my blog you will get blog post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have written that I will write more till my due date in June, but I hope that I can do it the same way as I do it now.

Blog promotion goes really well, I promote it in Facebook groups and Pinterest group boards and to my social media accounts as well. So my connection with other bloggers or visitors are going as I expected, I have more comments now then I had before, thanks to you my readers!

Blogging friends, hmm, well not much. I mean I haven’t so deep connection with them, but maybe next time!?

Social Media succes and failures

The planning to make a Facebook group is ready and waiting for members to join. So if you are a blogger and want to join to a group where you can promote your blog and social media accounts then head over to Your blog goes viral and hit the join button and answer some questions.

Facebook page: My goal was to have 200 more followers on my page, now I’m at 358 so that is more likes then I expected for January.
Instagram: Now this is the hardest part of them all, I have gain and lose some of my followers so the goal to have 300 more followers didn’t get it. I’m still at 2182 and some day I get 5 more and then the other day I lose them.
Twitter: Twitter became my second favorite platform, I wanted 300 more followers here too and I’ve got 267 more but still growing.
Pinteres: If you have read my goals of January post you know that my number 1 is Pinterest, that why was my goal to hit the 1k followers. And guess what I have even more now. I was at 830 and now I have 1211 and still growing.

Other things

Learning about something I didn’t know is exciting and overwhelming at the same time, especially if you don’t have much time for it. The goal to learn more about blogging, affiliate marketing and money making at home was not quite successful, but like we use to say here in Hungary The priest is studying till death (it’s a proverb). So the conclusion is, that I have to learn even more to get better at what I’m doing or what I will be doing in the future.

I haven’t started my shop yet, I didn’t thought about it very well before I wrote it down. This is learning first too, I can just put some shop front of you when I still not get the thing how to make it successful and being my own boss. I will have it this year, but I can’t run forward when I haven’t the experience to have a stable income from it. But I will definitely inform you about it soon as possible.

To be a Mompreneur or a Staying at home mom or Working at home mom what ever you name yourself, can be hard and sometimes easy if you can balance between your kids and work. Now my goal was to make this balance for myself too, did I archieved or not, I don’t really know. But I can have time with them and I can focus on my job what I do. And of course there is the household cause I can’t leave that behind me even if I have a lovely husband who makes more then I’m. So my conclusion here is, that with a little bit of hard work I can make it, and if you are in my shoes you can do it too. Never give up, this will be my new motto.

Maybe I was a little bit delighted in the last few lines, but this how I feel about it. I hope you liked my January look back and if you do not follow me on social media, please take a second and make sure you hit that following buttons. And if you don’t want to miss any new blog post, then subscribe to my newsletter, it’s down below the foot bar.

This is the last day of January, so I’m so excited to set goals for the second month of the year. And I will not have much time as in January, cause we know that February is the shortest month of the year.

And now I want to know how was your January?


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