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Valentine’s day gift guide for him and for her

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I know that Valentine’s day is really special to everyone, we do not celebrate it that deep as it use to be in the USA. My hubby comes home with some flowers and chocolate, but the chocolate is for my kids mostly :). This gift list or guide is sort of whislist what I would want to have, but don’t ask and of course what I recommend the most. And I don’t forget about the gifts for the getlemen.

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My Valentine's day gift guide with gifts I recommend

Now I’m not that type of woman who loves really expensive things, that why I don’t show you things with high cost but it will be deffinitely high value both male and female. Because I don’t want to get exaggerated I will show you my top 10 list.

Gifts for Her

1. Jewelry: Every women needs some jewelry, I do not know one without them. This customized ring is a perfect gift.
2. Personlized cards: If you do not have much time to make it yourself, you can have this cards.
3. Shirt: A funny shirt that gets attention.
4. Pyjamas: Did you thought about what if you get a pyjamas for Valentine’s gift? I don’t think that is a bad idea cause you can have it for so long and remember the day you got it.
5. Cup: These days we live in frenzy of the unicorns, if you do to why not have some on your cup to drink you coffee or tea everyday.
6. Pillow: Isn’t it great to have some pillow with your and your loved one name on it, and sleep at night with it?
7. Bath Bombs: Nothing is better then relaxing in bath, and you have your on bath bombs in it with a great smell.
8. Sun catcher: Everyone heard about sun catcher before? Well, I don’t but with the heart in the middle melts my heart. I only knew about dream catchers.
9. Heart phone charm: If you will get this heart phone charm, it will reminds your loved one when you not with him.
10. Ring dish: There is no where to put you rings, now there is a personlized trinket ring dish where you can put them down.

Valentines day gift for her - girlwithglasses.ml

I don’t know about you, but I think that choosing gifts for men isn’t that easy. But with this list I hope to get some inspiration.

Gifts for Him

1. Mini keepsake chest: With this personlized chest you can say what things you love about him.
2. Fishing lure: Every men loves to fish (well most of them do) so this is why you have to give him a fishing lure.
3. T-shirt: Cause your man have to dress in texted shirt too.
4. Framed photo: A framed photo with him and you.
5. Pillow: Cause they have to sleep on pillows too.
6. Cufflinks: Real getlemen wearing cufflinks, but this one could be next to him on the nightstand and remember the special day.
7. Magic box: This unique magic box can project a custom message.
8. Keyrings: Keysrings to never forget a key.
9. Love Coupon book: I know that this coupon book can be made at home too, but I still think about lack of time.
10. Chocolate: This is a great gift for both, cause who doesn’t love chocolate, right?

Valentines gift for him - girlwithglasses.ml

What do you think about this gift guide, would you buy something from here? And what is your valentines day looks like?


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