My best 5 beauty tips for winter

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Every season you have to take care of yourself, but in another way. Here are my top 5 beauty tips for the winter.

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Here are my best 5 beauty tips for the winter

1. Moisturize! Outside and inside

It is evident that you drink alot in the summer, because the heat causes us to lose more moisture through the skin, but this is the case in the winter too. Since cold water is less good, it is best to sip hot, fruity or herbal tea. In the windy weather, the hand is easier to dry, so in this period you can choose a richer, greasy texture handcream. If you will be outdoors after the creaming your hand, don’t forget to pull on gloves.

2. Healthy hair? It is not impossible

Because of the cold, the hair is easily dull and fragmented, so it is very important to protect the hair follicles with a cap. Due to the cap, the hair greases more, which you can use is a gentle, herbal shampoo (with example nettle).It is very important to use embalming and oily hair care products. Preparations containing argan oil are great nutrition, so do not forget to apply wet locks after washing hair.


3. Weak, broken nails

Due to the use of regular nail polish, unfortunately, the nail will become yellow and weaker, so there is nothing left to hold it to regain the healthy color and light. Do not apply any nail polish for at least 2 weeks, wear gloves, and think about fingernails when handling your hands with cream. After 2-3 weeks, use a special reinforcing lacquer before applying the color. If you regulary wear gloves, then your fresh painted nails isn’t see anyway so that is another reason to stop polish it for a couple of days.

4. Holidays and parties – say NO to alcohol

A little glass of champagne, two deciliters of a quality fine wine – acceptable. But do not drink more if you want a peachy, healthy skin. The alcoholic beverage will cause the skin to become red, but a few weeks of alcohol withdrawal may be enough for the blood vessels to contract and the redness will disappear, so you do not have to use any primer every day.

5. The way to healthy skin is through healthy eating

In winter, it is even more difficult to consume healthy snacks because many delicious fruits are not available or they can only be very expensive to obtain. A good alternative is carrot , which is cheap all year round, or dried fruits, because although they are more expensive, we eat less of them because they have a more intense flavor and nutrition. But don’t eat to much seeds – especially if your skin is prone to fatty.

Do you have some cool tips which you use yourself in the winter?


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