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Tips how to make a perfect bullet journal

What makes bullet journals more, like a colored, drawn diary? Focusing on the most important tasks in a very different way. It has the advantage that,  after on one or two pre-made pages, you can create your calendar on the other tabs as you like it. Of course, you can be inspired what kind of lists you can make in your own personal booklet, and I will now give you some cool tips.

This is the year to make your own bullet journal and I will give you some tips how to do it right


1. No problem, if you don’t have drawing skills

You can create wonderful bullet journals with many tiny symbols. Use the simplicity of geometric shapes: draw small arrows, triangles, squares to list, and flowers, leaves, sun, moon and clouds on top of the pages; or use a special font to list name using a lot of colors.

2. In addition to mandatory tasks, it is time to spend as much time on your contacts as well

The bullet journals not only list traditional activities, like “go to the office to create a new ID” or “buy booklets for the school”. What really important is our social relationships, so this booklet helps to pay more attention to, consciously nurturing friendships or partnerships. You can list who you want to surprise with a gift on their birthday or you can plan with whom you will have some activities for a particular month, but the number of options is endless. Do not be sorry to load the pages carefully.

3. Keep track of your personal development, set goals for yourself

Add points to what you would like to accomplish this year or draw a route and write in the small bubbles, clouds, what stations you need to pass to reach your goal, for example, get rid of 10 kg (22 lbs) of excess weight. You can also write down what reward you can get when you are steadfastly moving towards your dream, because that can give you some extra motivation.

4. Give some room to your dreams, make a wish list

In this rushing, with lots of difficulty world everyone can have some time to dream. Summarize where you want to go in the future, draw a map or cut it out from somewhere, and color out the countries whose culture is attracted to you. Feel free to note what seems impossible now. It will be good to look back later when you’ve accomplished that goal.

5. Follow the good example, motivate yourself with quotes

If you’re sad, do you pick up a new song from your favorite singer? If you do not have the opportunity to keep listening to it, quote lyrics, or novels and poems, you can enjoy the feeling anytime, whenever you take your bullet journals.

6. Watch out for your health, because this is the greatest gift you can get from life

If you have trouble sleeping, with your blood pressure, with your menstrual cycle,  or you may have any other health problems, note these in your bullet journal so that you can later assist your doctor in establishing an accurate diagnosis. You can also create a weekly menu plan for healthy eating, and if you want to lose weight, you can record how many calories you  can eat or how much you have moved that day.

Here is my Pinterest board for more bullet journal inspiration.

Here are some supplies for starting your bullet journal

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Are you planning to start to make your own bullet journal, or do you have already one?


  1. I’ve watched so much videos on bullet journaling last year. I like this and really want to try this out but I feel like it would take up nearly half of my day trying to doodle and make it “perfect”. Idk if it’s just me :/ But great tips, I’ll try it out when I feel confident 🙂

  2. I’m in loveeee this post! I usually do bullet journaling and I keep on moving and doing imp work on time with the help of my lists. Thanks.

  3. I have wanted to start one forever now. I will surely be bookmarking your page! Love it!!

  4. I love these tips! I’ve been wanting to create a bullet journal, having a guide like this is super useful. 🙂 Thank you!



  5. Corinne and Kirsty

    I have wanted to start a bullet journal for a very long time! It looks just so nice and helps to keep up! also it must be so much fun doing one!

  6. I want to create my own bullet journal this year and these examples are so cute! I’ll let you know if I’ll succeed

    1. girlwithglasses

      I can’t wait to see it 🙂

  7. I just recently started a bullet journal. I find that it helps keep all of my thoughts together. I have so much going on and I need to stay organized.

  8. I’ve been dying to try a bullet journal but never really knew where to start, thanks for this post… it helped me learn a lot!

  9. Taylor Nappi

    This year I want to start getting into bullet journaling so this is the perfect article! Your journal is so pretty! Thanks for the great info!

  10. themommyandthemini

    I am obsessed with bullet journals! They are a lot of fun to organize because you can put whatever you want on them!

  11. I love the look and feel of bullet journals as it reflects personality, style and ease of design. My challenge with the art work although I LOVE IT, seems to be time. I can only get to drawing around as I create time for it. <3 When I need it though, as a stress reducer, it comes in handy dandy – like a drawing drawing meditation <3. Blessings and gratitude <3 Evelyn, http://www.PathofPresence.com

  12. I’ve been bullet journaling for almost two years now, but I definitely have been feeling the urge to change up my 2018 journal. You have wonderful ideas here — especially the health counters and quotes! For as much as I love quotes, I have no idea why I haven’t incorporated them into the BuJo.

    Nicole | http://www.badwithdirections.com

  13. I’ve been wanting to give a bullet journal a go and I think I will! Seems like a fun way to organize 🙂

  14. Kyla Matton Osborne

    Your bullet journal looks so cute and colourful! It reminds me that I really want to start keeping one myself. It’s another thing to work on this year 🙂

  15. teamcartwrightblog

    This was a helpful explanation! I am not overly artsy myself, so it is good to know it works without drawing too many pictures. Thanks for the tips!

  16. Bee

    I absolutely love Bu-joing! When I first started I was only putting in mundane day to day work related stuff, but then started finding more creatives uses, like books I wanted to read and lists on accomplishments. I really like the idea of adding motivational quotes!

  17. karriefrost

    I started using a planner a few months ago – what a difference it has made. It’s so fun to use. I find myself getting lost in decorating it and making it my own. Worth every penny.

  18. Amy

    I genuinely love this idea! It’s so creative and must be so thereputic to draw such amazing details whilst planning I’m 💯 % going to give it a go!

    1. girlwithglasses

      Thank you for reading it! It’s not that hard if you have some stencils for it.

  19. These are great tips! I’ve also wanted to try bullet journaling and even more so now 💗

    1. girlwithglasses

      It’s nice to know that you getting your own bullet journal 😁

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