30 saving tips for beauty addict women

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Here are some tips for the ladies who loves make-up and want some savings.

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Are a beauty addict and love saving money? Then this tips are made for you!


1. Trust the power of the internet

If you want to buy cosmetics online, go to google or any price comparator. Multiple pages, more choices are offered by the search engine, your business is just to decide where you want to buy the product. Many beauty shops also offer discount coupons to their customers, so you do not mind if you keep your eyes on it.

2. The auction and advertisement pages are your friends

You get out of your favorite cosmetics, but buy new ones in a fortune? Check out the auction and classified ads pages, where you can find them at a good prices.

3. The mascara can be recycled

As soon as your mascara runs out, you should wash the brush because it is an excellent eyebrow comb.

4. Save on the lipstick

Many people throw the lipstick before it runs out of purely laziness. Certainly, you’ve been left with the packaging at the bottom, then you can use a ear cleaner or a make-up brush to put the color on your lips.

5. It is indispendable for blond hair

If you are blond or your hair is highlighted, you may lose your glow. Then mix half-and-half of lemon juice and water, sprinkle your hair and leave the mixture. You will see miracles.

6. Baby oil as makeup remover

If you have tried dozens of makeup removers, but none of them washes your waterproof makeup of, you might want to experiment with baby oil. Even the most durable makeup is coming of excellent.

7. Free product samples

In many shops and pharmacy you can get makeup, scent and facial samples completely free, even online. A product sample is enough for at least 2-3 uses, depending on whether you want to use it and if you are ready you can buy it.

8. Look for the bigger pack

It’s a good idea to buy a bigger package, since most of the time it gets cheaper. For the shelf life, most creams, shower gel, shampoo retain their warranty for a year after the release date.

9. The brand doesn’t matter only the quality

Drug stores own branded products are at least as good quality as branded products. It’s a good idea to try them, saves money in your wallet, but the end result is the same.

10. Home made lip scrub

They are selling the lip scrubs unreasonably expensive in the shop. Why do not make your own? Mix some sugar with honey, then gently rub your lips so it will be perfectly smooth and well groomed.

11. Buy where the cheapest is

There are serious differences between the prices of the stores. Whether it’s a beauty item in a drugstore does not mean it’s the cheapest. Take a look at the Hypermarket Beauty Department, and you can often get the cheapest supplies you need.

12. Get a point collector or loyalty card

Nowadays almost every shop has its own card to collect points after your purchases and you can redeem it later. You can get this card for free and you can only win it. Do not hesitate to get it.

13. Talcum powder as dry shampoo

Do not have time to wash your hair? Get some dry shampoo on your hair, combing it and you’re ready. In a emergency case is a perfect solution, because time is money. Do not have a dry shampoo on hand? No problem, try the talcum powder.

14. Beautiful nails

If your nails have lost their light, but do not have time to go for a manicure or do not have money for it, mix baking powder with lemon juice, take it to your nails and rinse it in a few minutes then wash of. It can do wonders.

15. Be model to someone

Watch your internet ads, keep an eye on the various forums, as many cosmetics, hairdressers, makeup or a manicure student are looking for a model in this way. Be a model, and be beautiful for free!

16. Use your makeup palette versatility

Makeup palettes were invented not just for make-up of eyelids. Brownish shades can be used to form your eyebrows, pulling, or shaping your nose, chin and forehead.

17. Quality brush

You only have to buy them once and endure for a lifetime. Of course, this must be maintained. It is worth investing in the more expensive, because their quality makes the makeup perfect, so that your entire face will be beautiful.

18. Use the versatility of the products

You not only can use the makeup palette for a variety of purposes. There are, for example, lipsticks, which can also be used as a blush, but the brush highlighter can be used not just for dark circles under your eyes, but also as a corrector.

19. Vaseline almost for everything

An excellent makeup remover, a great solution for eye circles, can be used as a lip balm, but it also provides first-aid relief for your lips and even soften your hair. Always have it in your bag!

20. Do not be a pulse buyer

The biggest enemy of our wallet is seduction. Just because there is something on sale or you just like, you do not have to buy it. After careful consideration, decide whether you really need the product. It makes no sense to accumulate, since if you do not use it, it will sooner or later be thrown out because of its expiration, so it will eventually become a waste of money. And you can’t always give it away either cause you never know if the person want it.

21. Make a beauty budget

Plan how much you spend for a maximum of beauty products in a month and stick to it under all circumstances.

22. Sometimes less is more

And now I’m thinking about the quantity of products. If you have less impact on why you would use it in larger quantities? To get rid of it sooner? For example, a drop of hair gloss is enough to have a beautifully shining hair.

23. Make your own cosmetics

Face masks, hair mask can be made easily with some home-made practice. There is a multitude of Pinterest recipes, find them, make them and apply them boldly. Here is my board on Pinterest where you can find them.

24. The hair conditioner is not only for your hair

Did you ever use it as a razor creamer? Never? Then it’s time! It does not only make it easier to shave, but make your skin smooth and silky.

25. Use the product to the last drop

Press everything out the product so no money will be wasted.

26. Hair dyeing home

You can save a lot of money when your hair is at home. If it seems a difficult task, ask someone for help. First, dye the contour, then the rest of the hair may come. In many cases, it is enough to apply the hair dye to the hair shafts.

27. Your own face and body scrub

From brown sugar, honey and a drop of milk, you can make a wonderful fragrant scrub. After scrubbing, your skin will be so silky that you will be impressed with it.

28. Collect the packing

Some companies, such as Lush, offer you absolutely free products when you collect a certain number of packs. It is worth thinking about environmentally conscious.

29. Big shopping

Every time you need beauty items, you run into stores causing every time you lose some time and money. Why do not you buy the products at the same time?

30. Watch the coupons

Newspapers and the internet are also packed with coupons, it’s a good idea to make a purchase and link the beauty treatments with the discount. There’s more money left in your pocket.

Now this are my tips for you I hope you liked it.

Are you a thrifty person?


  • Mane

    Wow! Thank you for sharing this! I definitely love your tips especially the home-made practices! I didn’t even know that Mascara can be recycled! 😀

  • Navneet

    Wow these are some really useful and simple tricks! And I love making face masks at home although I do buy sometimes but prefer making them myself. Thanks for sharing💗

  • theparentallychallenged

    Great tips! I love making my own lip scrub with sugar and honey. My lips always get dry and flakey in the winter, and this makes them feel so smooth! Thanks for sharing!

  • Rashdah Hameed

    Some of this tips are great. I have used baby oil many times as a make-up remove, it also moisturises the skin at the same time. however, recently I converted to coconut oil which smells amazing. I love making face-masks at home as well because it means spending less outside!
    Thanks for this!

  • Jen Morrow

    #3, 10, and 19 are the best! I have just started reusing my mascara wands. Mascara wands with Vaseline are the best for eyebrow grooming and fly-away hair at the part.

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