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January Goals 2018

This is my first post in this new year and I write about a new thing I never did in 2017. Maybe if I did I would accomplished more goals I couldn’t achieve. So from now on every single month I will wrote down my goals and the end of the month I will notifyng you which was succesfull.


  • I want to blog 2-3 times a week till due day.
  • More connection with my readers – I promote my blog as I can to more interaction.
  • Having blogging friends.

Social Media

  • Planning to create a Facebook group
  • More Facebook page like I’m currently at 112 so around 200 likes would be fine in this month – Girl With Glasses page.
  • Reach some Instagram followers too my goal is to have some around 300 people this month – I’m at 2.1k right now.
  • Twitter followers are welcome too – I’m at 208 followers now but I would love to go up to 300.
  • Pinterest is my ultimate favorite social media platform and that why I want to collect more followers on this – I’m at 830 right now but hopefully I will get up to 1k until the end of this month.

Other Stuff

  • More learning about blogging, affiliate marketing and making money at home.
  • Starting my online shop.
  • Because I’m a working home mom I’ve to focus more on both my kids and my business life online so I want to learn this too how to handle it.

This is it for now I hope to achieve more from this goals I have 28 days till the end of this month so I’m ready to go forward and be more succesfull at what I’m doing.

What are your goals for January?


  1. Great goals…its important to stay focused!!!

  2. Great goals you have set for yourself. Goals motivate us and are good to have. It looks like you are well on your way to surpassing them. Good luck!

  3. We have some similar goals. Writing them down does help make them more achievable and you have measurable ones too. Awesome.

  4. I love th goals; many mirrior my own. It is so important to write them down too keeps us accountable

  5. That’s great! and you have a new fb and twitter follower šŸ˜‰ (I already was following your pinterest account) ā™„ Hugs! Wish you success this year

  6. I’ve had so many goals for this month, and so far I am cautiously optimistic that it is getting me somewhere! I wish you the best of luck!

  7. Aimee

    I love the goal for balance between kids and business – it’s so hard to find middle ground and be intentional with your time.

  8. Morgan

    I made similar goals for myself! I’d love to connect with you as we both work at reaching our blogging goals!

  9. The Stinson Crew

    These are great goals and they sound very similar to mine.

  10. Kyla Matton Osborne

    These are really great goals for growing your blog. I helped out a bit by following you on Twitter and Pinterest, and by liking your Facebook page. I noticed on FB you’ve already surpassed your goal. Nice!

  11. Seems like you are off to a great start by writing down your goals AND making yourself accountable by posting them online. Iā€™m with you on that last set of goals. I want to find better balance for my kids and my blogging. Good luck!

  12. Writing down goals and checking them at the end of the month is perfect. Keeps you knowing how you are doing.

  13. Brittney

    I love your goals! I’ve been thinking of setting some goals for myself as well. thanks for posting!

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