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The Body Shop products are my most favorite one, not only because they fight against the testing products on animals, but the ingredients are natural.

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Find out which products I recommend to buy from The Body Shop

Body Care

The Body Shop Body Care

The most popular products of the brand come out clearly from the body care category, so I think most of you all have already tried them. The Shea Body Butter has been my favorite every since the beginning, TBS seems to feel it’s strength in body butter because it has a variety of scent variations on shea and cocoa butter, and in recent years it has been shelved (now limited to, for example, the Frosted Plum Body Butter) products too soon became a favorite. In my opinion I like it because they are available in many fine fragrances and despite being hydrated, do not leave a greasy feeling, although I may often note that the INCI could be more beautiful and more natural, but they are become more and more symphatic, the best example for this is Almond Milk & Honey Body Butter for sensitive skin.

Shower baths are likewise popular with body butters, because their scent is very intense and special, although it is true that there are those who are unfortunately drying out. The most popular fragrance is the Strawberry Shower Gel, followed by the Shea butter Shower Gel, and the Bronze Medal goes to the Moringa Shower Gel. If you want a  delicious smell, you may want to look around for a body scrub with lots of particle – the sugar-based Mango Body Scrub is a godly fruity scent and gentle, and the Argan oil Body Scrub makes it a very intense work thanks to the magnifiers.

The brand hand care range also offers some great alternatives, the Hemp Hand Protector Hand Cream is the 2nd most popular hand cream in my collection which not only for softening and moisturizing but also for contouring effect, while the Almond Hand Cream is a bit lighter , but it has a divine scent. If you choose brand alternatives for hand creams there is hand sanitizers, they are also available in plenty of scent, like shower gels and body butters, among them strawberries, pink grapefruit and coconut oil are the most popular.

Skin Care

The Body Shop’s face line offers products for a variety of skin problems (Aloe Vera for sensitive skin, and Tea Tree Oil for problem skin) but it is only focused on the ingredients that it turns out to be a little more prudent to create a truly professional routine because not all of the ingredients are immature or very active, but there are very good exceptions.

From the point of view of my opinion, TBS is especially strong in face and makeup remedies, moisturizers and face masks: the most popular face care product of the brand is Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet, which, because of its alcoholic and high perfume content, would not receive the imaginary ” I recommend brooch, but I still love it – it is supposed to be super-lightweight and pleasantly cools the skin.

The brands camomile series is an easy-to-use alternative to the double cleansig technique – the Camomile Cleasing Butter costs less than a few thousand of Clinique’s balmy washers, with the effect of soothing soybeans, almonds and sunflower oil based Camomile Silky Cleasing Oil is a high-end oil, such as Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil. The odorless, colorless and non-alcoholic Camomile Makeup Remover for Waterproof Makeup is not only very effective but also gentle for the skin and the eyes.

With greasy, problematic skin must definitely use Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash and Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Masks and also Seaweed Oil Balacing Toner.

In the case of dry, normal skin, the most popular piece could be Vitamin E Aqua Boost Essence Lotion, which is able to overwhelm its other moisturizing effects, E-Vitamin Night Serum Oil with Wheat Germ Oil and Vitamin E Refreshing Eye Cube.

Generally, all skin types can be used primarily from the Vitamin C family, including exfoliants – Vitamin C Glow Revealing Liquid Peel is a gel exfoliating that immediately releases dead skin cells from the skin, Vitamin C Microdermabrasion makes skin very smooth and sandy with sandy grains.

Hair Care

The Body Shop’s hair care products does not contain silicone and is rich in various plant components and oils, and in many cases I’m not so fainted with them, but there are still good ones. The most popular TBS hair stylist Bananas Conditioner containing bananas, which has a very banana scent and the hair is smooth after the use. The most popular shampoo is the Rainforest Shine Shampoo has made my hair shiny and soft to the touch.

The Grape Seed Glossing Hair Serum containing 3 types of super oil (though silicones) has so far been my favorite too and the silicone-free Rainforest Coconut Nourishing Hair Oil has made my hair shaded by hair dyeing beautifully.


Although there is a small scattering among the TBS make-up products, many of their make-up products are particularly prominent, especially their powder-based products (eye shades, blushers, powders), but there are even superficial suits for make-up.

The most popular, already iconic TBS make-up product is Honey Bronze Matt Bronzer. It’s specialty is that it is very natural and the 01 color is even brighter on rosy skin. Not only that, but just like the bronze of TBS – Baked-To-Last Bronze is durable and beautifully shining, and the Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome is a compact, tiny, and beautiful-looking summer beauty.

The All-In-One Primer and Compact Powder, available in 10 shades, is based on a primer powder, which is supposedly a well-tinted shade to give you a very beautiful skin image, quickly and neatly mature, Fresh Nude Primer provides a medium cover and a light skin lotion for the face. The silicone-free All In One Instablur Corrector has been replenished in a range of silicone-free, smooth, matt skin contours, making the makeup more durable, with the Tinting Drops, the brightening drops of true-to- mean bridging “even the lightest is not clear enough” problem.

From my favorites, the Color Crush Lipstick is beautiful on the lips and nicely caresses. The Matt Liquid Lipstick does not look extra-durable but even wears and does not dry evenly.


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