Create a winter paradise at home – Decor ideas for the holiday season

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If you reinforce the camp who is waiting for every winter to come, you will certainly need to decorate your home according to your favorite season. You can not only inspire from Christmas ornaments, but also from nature. I’ll show you some great ideas to make your home a winter home!

Make your home winter ready

Miracles with rime

There are fewer beautiful scenery in winter than snow-white branches, rime on trees and grass, white-dressed nature.

If you want to move this picture into your home, you have nothing else to do, like some twig, cone and other crops paint it with white, the best possible, if you do it with paint spray, which does not cover them equally.

Get one of two big glass vases, and if the crops are dried, settle them in this.










Ice drops

You can also make such decorations with twig and crops, which is icy, it just remind you of a melting winter flower.

You will need crops or twigs and a glue gun.

Drip the glue to the branches and cones as if they were water droplets and let them dry.

If you want to let it glow even better than the real ice, you can spray some glitter before drying.











Deers in the living room

Some candles, tealight and one or two plastic deers to create a wonderful winter dish in the living room.

Arrange the ingredients on a nice metal tray, and if you have the perfect place, you just have to light the candles.

With green twig and with pearls you can bend the tray.












Decorate the mirror or window

You can have a vintage decor, you can make a garland from pine on the mirror, window or door frame, which runs to the floor, lopsided.

You can put some crops, cones and a little sparkling decoration.

Make pearls from larger, transparent plastic or glass beads and put them on the garland.











Cozy dining room

A wreath can not only be placed on the door or the table, but you can also hang a piece on the back of the dining chair.

You should tie the back of the chairs with a strong ribbon and apply it to the wreath.

It is best to make these from natural ingredients, my favorite is this white berry version, but the red berry, pine-based is wonderful!











Instead of fireplace

We can imagine less intimate winter things than fireplaces.

But unfortunately not everybody got to have a little warmth with fireplace in the house, but you can make wonderful decorations that you can make up for.

Collect cones or a few wooden logs in a bowl or basket and then twisting them with a light bulb.

The dark room would like almost the same effect as the bouncing fire!










Winter lantern

If you have a lantern at home, you can use it a bit more creative than just putting one candle.

If you are lighting with a light bulb instead of a tealight, you can create a miniature winter world inside the glass: with pine trees, deers, sleighs, snowmen, as you sympathetic.

Salt, sugar, or even artificial snow to make the overall picture.











Gold and white

Though gold is more festive, but combined with white, you can use it boldly at the beginning of winter and after Christmas.

You can create a nice inscription with these colors on a shelf in the room that you can use to dress with different winter trinkets.

Now you only need a crop wreath, the miraculous overall picture is ready.




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