11 fashion tips for winter wedding

11 fashion tips for feminine clothing when you invited for winter wedding

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If you have no idea what to buy for the upcoming wedding party that is due in winter, I will help you get the perfect fit for every aspect of your cloths.

Are you invited to a wedding in the winter? Then these are my 11 tips for fashion

If you are invited for a winter wedding, then what to wear question is usually comes with more dilemma than usual. No wonder, since it is much heavier than ever to match a winter’s casual outfit – including a coat – than to pick up a well-dressed, cheerful dress in summer. In this case, even in the color selection, many people are uncertain, since there is a need for more accessories that must match the shade of the base cloth.

Many people are also worried about how to smoothly clothe the layers, as the wedding venue is usually a heated room, but in the open air there is a cold rampage that requires warmer clothes. There are some common mistakes many people make as a guest at a winter wedding.

I picked up what you have to care about when you put your outfit together:

  • do not wear summer clothes, even if you’re outdoors with a coat and warm in there
  • the summer dress with sparkling accessories and layers does not look good or elegant
  • not all clothes are dressed in black stockings
  • if you are wearing a dress that you can choose with a shoulder-free, or several-cut, leather-colored stocking,    you do not have to wear dark colors
  • black is no longer forbidden at the wedding, but it has to be treated with it
  • your coat should be stylish and casual
  • if you choose a midi dress, adjust the length of the jacket
  • sleeveless dress or blouse you can wear a sweater under the jacket
  • there are special occasional, elegant sweaters and cardigans
  • if you are a chilly, you do not even have to wear pants

The velvet dress is now very fashionable, in almost every elegant collection. It’s easy to pick up lightweight accessories, and we recommend it especially chilly women.








The velvet dress can be very elegant in light and dark colors.








Throw the decens midi cloth with colors and special accessories!

This midi dress would be perfect for you!






Do not wear a white blouse with a black skirt because it may be a light-skinned or secretive effect on your clothing. Dresses and blouses can be put on an elegant sweater while out in the open. Glittering sweaters are very fashionable this season.





An elegant, colorful lace dress can always be a good decision. You can wear black or the blazer that matches the color of the dress.






The bright, prestigious brocade fit well for winter weddings. If you have a skirt of your choice, you should preferably have a line A line with the length that is beneficial to you. Sculpt the ornate piece with a simple blouse.





In a skirt or dress under the knee, the coat should either cover the dress or shorter than ten to twenty centimeters.






This set is floral, open and fun, but not for summer.







If the dress is so cut out, that leaves it a lot of skin on the surface, wear it with a body-colored stocking!






If the lace garment is wearing a translucent, light or dark under garment underneath. Most of them are lined up, making it easier for you to work.

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