5 products for moms

5 products for moms which will make you more fancy and smoother

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If you have not been too fond of the various beauty practices so far, you will certainly need them!

Find out which products I recommend for new moms


I do not know how you are with it, but when I became a mother, the whole beauty routine has changed quite well if it can be called. Earlier it was enough to morning and evening hydration, 2 times face scrubbing and facemask every month, a quick facial treatment every six months at the beautician and my eye cream came in when my eyes were swollen after a night.

However, recently there is little sleep, a lot of rushing, and even more stress, since a few months old baby is a joy to life, but sleep is something that is given to little for us. And if the child is sleeping through the night, it’s safe for you to get up at least three times worrying about whether the little one will breathe safely.

So, in the first months of maternity there is no glittering sleep, but if you still want to be attractive and desirable to in your child’s father’s eye, it would be nice if somebody familiar with the mirror would say hi to you and use some products you never used before to your beauty routine.

Because it is almost certain for a while that ebony eyeliner, wine lipstick and mica powder will go deep into the drawer and take up places where you will not have a makeup smudge, but at least your face will be as if you were almost asleep at least 7 hours.

Here are some magic products that if you become a mother, you should know it more thoroughly.

1. Eye cream on puffy eyes

EyecreamDo you sleep lightly, sometimes catch the crying fit, and the next day you have a bag and a puffy eyes? It’s time to fix it!

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream Smooths, Brightens, Depuffs





2. Corrector under the eyes


Yes, the eye is a pivotal point, because it is immediately visible for the non-sleeping person. But at a glance you can spice up your eyes with a lighter corrector that is lighter than your skin color, which is specifically designed for the eye area!

YSL COSMETICS Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat – Radiant Touch







3. Super fast detoxifying face mask

face mask

In addition to make-up, it is time to refresh the facial skin. But, of course, a few moms can’t afford to sit at the beauty salon so it’s okay if there’s a lot of face packs that you’ll just throw up before cooking and the effect will be spectacular! This wreck containing the Dead Sea Sludge will also make its impact in 2 minutes!

4. Colored moisturizing cream

BB and CC creams have been released a few years ago, and these are really fantastic inventions: they are lightweight, they do not cover like the primers but leave the skin to breathe and also remove skin faults. And if you do not have any other make-up, just a tinted moisturizer and a mascara, it’s a lot better for the overall picture.

Eucerin Hyaluron Filler



5. Dry Shampoo

Many times, hair washing also requires long organizing with a baby, so it is good if there is a dry shampoo at home, which wonders the hairstyle in an emergency. Of course there is no better thing about freshly washed hair, but if you can not really fix it, you have to have a B option!

Aussie Total Miracle 7N1 Dry Shampoo






Which products do you use?


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