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Download these apps when you are waiting for a baby!

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3 useful applications for mommy’s on Android and IOS.

Pregnant woman holding her belly

I’m expecting my 3rd baby and I know in today’s modern world, many applications help pregnant women during pregnancy. And to be confessed to the mummies, nobody else is hiding the net for the various information when they are planning or waiting for a baby. We Want Everything: When are we going to experience, what is normal, what to do when we go to a doctor, when our chest will hurt or how much sex is recommended.

There are so many applications that I only choose 3 of them in Google Play and App Store. Some of them are the same and you can get it on both phone.


This is my number 1 app cause there is everything you really need when you want to track your health, you can read daily pregnancy information and you can have a personal dairy. So much more you can do with this app. At this time I use this app to test it but if I don’t like it I go to the second one.

Link to the app

You can get this on Apple Store too: the link to that.










Baby Center: Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Development Countdown

This app is more about sharing your pregnancy with the community on Baby Center. Here you can get features like Baby Names Finder, Calculator and so much more. They have a useful webpage too where there is more information you can get.

It’s on Google Play and App Store.










Only on Google Play

Pregnancy Week By Week

Not good as the 2 above but I think that this app can be useful too. But there are not many to do only tracking things and the info about the baby.










Only on App Store

WebMD Pregnancy

Same features as the others not much the write about it, just try if you want.











Which app you going to use?

With these 3 useful apps you can track your pregnancy

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