Find out which 3 products you must have in your bags this fall

3 cool beauty product for your bag in fall

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In spring and fall/autumn I almost completely replace the contents of my bags – lip gloss replacing lipsticks, sunscreens and face spray are replaced by fragrant hand creams and, of course, lip balm are place in my bags too … Of the novelties, these 3 products are turning to me most often.

Don't go from home without these products this fall 2017

Even though it’s we just half way of fall/autumn, but my new hand cream I tried so far is The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Hand Cream seems to me to be the number one. It’s strong spicy-sweet smell (It reminds me of the smell of maple syrup which I really love), and it’s consistency is relatively thin, so it is easy to absorb and it makes my hands look soft and well-groomed. For winter it is not certain that it would be enough, but for autumn it is super.

3 beauty products for fall

In the summer La Roche-Posay Lipikar Stick AP+ ran in for testing, and then I did not know what to do with it, but as fall came, I noticed that I was pushing it more and more into my bag. Unfortunately, as time goes by, my elbows are very easy dry, my lips and cuticle too, so I can easily and quickly handle all three problems. I not only like  being well-groomed, without leaving a greasy, heavy feel on the skin, but instead of promising, the stick immediately gives me a comfortable feeling of skin sensation and eliminates the unpleasant itchy, tense sensation.

Of the 3 things I recommend Catrice Liquid Lip Powder Ultra Matt, I think is brilliant and very good dupe of Lancome Matte Shaker! Although is matte, it is not the usual lip cracking formula, but it is more powder-like, which is not unpleasant smile or talk with, and to improve, and can be very nice construction, which again you can’t say about very little drying lipsticks. I use Spotted on Pink, which is pink color with some purple, a lovely little transitional color for the early fall, but the other shades are very exciting too. I want Voilet Potion as well.

Have you tried any of them? What did you change in your bag for fall?



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