Find out which bag are fit to the coat

Bags from the street: What pieces fit the coat?

When the jacket time comes, some bags are no longer practical. Fortunately, fall and winter fashion allows a variety of style variations.

Find out which bag fits the coat

Hand and shoulder bags take over this year, while over-sized bundies are slightly overlooked. However, the tiny, hand-held bags used for elegant occassions are also displayed, which are surprisingly well fit with coats. The square, clean, modern solutions fit both feminine and cool sets, and they all look attractive when combined with vibrant colors. The lot of decorations on bags time are passed: the trendy straight-line, long, simple jackets are made by less ornate bags.

Maximum of a metallic decorative element, a more affectionate buckle or chain encompasses the otherwise sophisticated, restrained pieces. Square and rounded lines can be considered on the front of your bag, and if you want a wandering, creepy creation, choose a leather or leather shopper or a small handbag.

Which one do you like?

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