• 5 products for moms

    5 products for moms which will make you more fancy and smoother

    If you have not been too fond of the various beauty practices so far, you will certainly need them!   I do not know how you are with it, but when I became a mother, the whole beauty routine has changed quite well if it can be called. Earlier it was enough to morning and evening hydration, 2 times face scrubbing and facemask every month, a quick facial treatment every six months at the beautician and my eye cream came in when my eyes were swollen after a night. However, recently there is little sleep, a lot of rushing, and even more stress, since a few months old baby is…

  • Find out which beauty products I don't recommend

    These are the worst products of 2017

    Time to another post about beauty products, but now I write about the worst one. I didn’t like them at all, it doesn’t mean that you can’t love them, but I will explain why this is my opinion. Skin Care The worst of the facial care category is the Shills Black Mask, the only positive thing that is cheap, but it is as much as the kiss is dead, the blackheads do not move, but the fluff on the face is so carefully cut as if it were its main task. Labello Fruity Shine Strawberry Lip Care SPF10 my collective opinion in a nutshell is that it does not hydrate,…

  • healthy nutrition and pregnancy. pregnant woman's belly

    Download these apps when you are waiting for a baby!

    3 useful applications for mommy’s on Android and IOS. I’m expecting my 3rd baby and I know in today’s modern world, many applications help pregnant women during pregnancy. And to be confessed to the mummies, nobody else is hiding the net for the various information when they are planning or waiting for a baby. We Want Everything: When are we going to experience, what is normal, what to do when we go to a doctor, when our chest will hurt or how much sex is recommended. There are so many applications that I only choose 3 of them in Google Play and App Store. Some of them are the same…

  • 10 healthy food you can overdose

    10 healthy foods that can be over-dosed

    I think that to many of the healthy goods can be bad too. Many people believe that they can enjoy unlimited use of certain healthy foods, because if they have a beneficial effect on the body, the more you eat, the better. This is not only a mistake but also harmful to certain foods. There are plenty of foods in a health conscious menu that have over-dosage with unpleasant symptoms and consequences. Healthy just with moderation Foods with a favorable physiological effect may also have components that can trigger allergic reactions or similar symptoms of poisoning. It is therefore important to be aware of the amount of daily allowable amounts…

  • You have to have these products from Korea

    3 chemical peels from Korea

    If it’s fall/autumn then it’s time to peel – here is some of my favorites products from Korea. The Koreans are especially fan of physical scrubs, including those with naturally occurring grains (such as sugar) (which is not everyone in the “Western” world, and we do not consider it to be useful as it could cause micro-injury on the skin) a variety of chemical peels in their range. It is interesting to note that Korean cosmetics can contain up to 0.5% salicylic acid, so in BHA exfoliators salicylic acid is often replaced with exfoliating ingredients such as Betaine Salicylate.     1. Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid Moisturizer In Cosrx…

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