15 Facebook Groups to join if you want to promote your blog

15 best Facebook Groups to join

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I was always a Facebook user, I loved to get there and see my friends and family what they are sharing. But since I started blogging again, Facebook didn’t get that much attention as before. The reason I’m still interested in it is that I founded these groups, where I can grow my views on my blog or getting touch with lot of bloggers to support each other. Of course you can gain followers for your other social media accounts too.

As we know there are rules to get in and there are days for when you can promote your stuff. I’m a bit new to this too, cause I searched for the groups, or I’ve got an invitation via newsletters. And when I join one of them I search for recommended groups or when you join you get a suggest and if it’s interested me then I join. Or the admins sometimes recommend a couple of groups too. I like to test them to see from which one I’m getting more attention.

That’s why is the reaction button so useful, you always know when you get noticed. The things I always look for in a group is how many people are joined and is there interaction.

My selection of groups

  1. New Bloggers Support Group
  2. Bloggers Support Each Other.
  3. Bloggers share and Promo Group
  4. DNW – Making Money From Blogging (not kind of group where you can promote, but I think that someone who is a newbie at blogging would want to join.)
  5. Blogger Engagement Group
  6. Freedom blogger
  7. Blog Support Group
  8. Blogger Insights
  9. Blogger Promotion
  10. Blog Booster
  11. Traffic Building Community
  12. BlogHive
  13. Bloggers Social Media Support (there is blog support here too, only the group name is about social media, but of course there is different social media platforms you can promote as well.)
  14. Blogging Boost
  15. Show Your Blog Love

So these are my top 15 Facebook Groups I suggest for now. If I get in more interesting groups I will update this blog post.



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