What to wear for fall

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This are my tips for what to wear for this years fall/autumn. The only reason I love fall because I was born this season, but when it gets to clothes you only have a few options to wear. And it’s getting cold, you have to get your long pants and coat. But anyway you can find beautiful colors in a dress, cause I don’t know about you but I like to pair together different colors.

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Get the inspiration of what to wear for fall

The pictures of the sets are made by creators from Polyvore where you can make your own collection of sets in category like clothes, beauty products and home decorations. But maybe if you guys want to have a blog post about Polyvore and how it works please comment below.

The clickable products could be different from the products shown on the pictures.

These are my top 5:


Fall Fashion 🍁


Items shown in the pictures:

I think most of the women think that wearing dresses cold or rainy days just fine, well I’m not the type of them put I still think that it alright to have a nice dress on.

Fall Fashion: Dresses


Items shown in picture:



Items shown in the picture:

Although I don’t recommend to wear slippers in cold you can have it if you want.



Items shown in the picture:

You never can be wrong with jeans. I like jeans so much that I have my whole wardrobe is full with them. And I think that this collection is well made by beebeely-look, nice combination.

Fall sweater


Items shown in the picture:

The reason I don’t show the recourses of the accessories or other items is because you can combinate the clothes with what you have at home already. Only the bag as accessorie is neccessary to look for new one.
How do you like my collection?
And as I wrote above if you interested in a new post about Polyvore please write it in the comment section.

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