My dream vacation to this paradise

My dream vacation in this paradise

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I never got the chance to go to a long trip yet, but of course as every other person I have my dream destination or destinations too. And now I show you my top 4 of them in pictures , and I want you to know why this place is on my bucket list.

My dream vacation in paradise and why I would go there

1. Maldives

Those gorgious photos what I see always when I get to see them all over the internet it’s just keep me saying wow. That beautiful blue sea with that hotel on it, it just gets me speechless. You can’t get enough of it. I would lay down in the sand and only get up when I feel I would burn (just kidding I would never let my body be in danger).


Oh and by the way it’s a good destination for weddings too. I don’t know if my daughters father will ever be my husband but if he said it would be here I wouldn’t think for a minute to get everything packed and going there.

2. Tenerife

I know I’m still in the summer feeling, but I love the sun I never loved cold though I was born in October and here in Hungary we get both of the climate. As I know in this beautiful island there are 4 climate at the same time, of course I would go to see every part of the island although it’s cold somewhere.

I love the colors what the picture is showing too, there are not one type of building colors there. What I would deffinitely go to see is the vulcano and I when I searched on the internet I found a park named Siam where there is a aquapark you can have fun all day. It would be much fun for my kids.

3. Los Angeles

It may be kind of weird to you why Los Angeles is on my list, but guess what I think it would be a great place to go to with my family to have a trip in the city of the celebrities. It’s not only the reason to go see Hollywood but it would be the first city I would go to when I had a long trip in the USA.

Los Angeles

It’s excited to be in such a big city as Los Angeles where there are so much to do. We have only 24 hours in a day but with that time I could do everything I want, see lots of great building around you (we don’t have that here) have the feeling that you always been there. Because my love of food I deffinitely would eat a lot in every great place I found.

4. Chicago

Another place in the USA I never want to miss my favorite city ever. As we know this is the city of winds and I don’t love cold as I writed above, but still it’s my place to be. The reasons: food, music, lot of great people (there are every where so don’t worry).


This is the place I would love to live my entire life. This city has his own history too and I love to learn about it. And now you asking your self why is that then this place is number 4 on my list, well the sequence is not important only the feeling how I feel about it.

I hope one day I will have the chance to go to one of them or all. I’m working on it hard cause I want to show the world to my kids. And having a family trip is more fun.

Where is your favorite place to be?

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