Reasons why I decided to start a blog

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In this post I will reveal my reasons why I decided to blog about everything and not having a target niche for my blog. And what is blogging to me.

Why I don’t have a niche

I have reading alot about it and thought about it what will be good if I only speak to a certain people with my posts or gain a community around me who will read my blog in different topics. Then my decision was made weeks before this post and decided to make a lifestyle blog where niches does not matter. I love to write and speak about everything, I love food so I can show you my favorite meal in pictures or writing my recipe or as a lot of women I love make up and fashion. I’m a mommy of two beautiful girls so why not have a mommy topic to inspire. Traveling the globe is so much fun. So that’s why I made categories and will post about everything what lifestyle is about.

And now it’s about time to let you know my top 5 reasons why I’m exactly came up with the idea to having a blog and spread the words in my posts or picture you have to see.

Reason 1.

First of all I love to meet new people who has the same interest as me, that can be a blogger or only a reader of my blog. If someone needs me I’m always here to help, I see myself as a open minded woman with who you  can make friends for a lifetime. I see the world as a precious treasure with lots of loving people but I know sometimes is not like that. So that’s my number 1 reason to be clear to make friends and be a cyber family.

Reason 2.

I had a blog before this and made a few post a week and was not succesful enough to invest my time being there for it all the time. So I quit for a year to relaxe and thing about it again and to learn from others who made it to the top. My first blog was only a hobby nothing special but with only two niches beauty and fashion, but now I grown up and want to be succesful to make a living with my second blog.

Reason 3.

Blogging is freedom you decide what to teach, what to write about and it’s makes me happy. With this freedom I can have my time with my family and friends, and I can have my own time too.

Reason 4.

I can show my creativity, my style, I can speak out to others. I can teach something I know or just search for a problem what must be solved and help.

Reason 5.

Just to have something I created and make it great.

I hope you liked my first post if so make sure you spread my words and share my post or the blog.

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